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Beginner’s guide on How to write a blog

A common quote that you might have heard several times is “Content is the King”.

Today we are going to discuss the written content that is commonly available in the form of a blog. You might have come across several online blogs. You think that you have the power to write and share your views with your audience. The only issue is that you do not know where to start. Do not worry because here is the beginner’s guide that will help you become a perfect blogger.


1-Select a topic that you would love to write about:

Every individual has a unique talent and interest in something special. When you are planning to write a blog, it is important that you find the inspiration in the things around you that you would love to write about. There are some people interested in nature, while others might like traveling or technology. Just look for the topic that you know about because you will surely find the right audience.


2-Research is very important:

Once you have found your topic it is important that you conduct a complete research on it. You should know that what type of blogs and content is already available on the internet. If you will write on the same topic that is already available on the internet it might get hard for you to grab the attention of your audience.


3-Play with words and get creative:

Once you have managed everything, it is the time to take out your laptop and start writing.
• Begin with the titles and make sure that your title is creative and engaging enough that on the first glance viewers will click on it
• Make sure that you write something creative and interesting
• You have to assure that your content is unique and outstanding.
• If you think you can copy the work from other blogs, you are wrong because Google policies are very strict and you can get banned.


4-Layout and format are the life of your blog:

Writing the entire blog is not the end of it because there are many other things that need your attention.
• Assure that there are headings and subheadings on your blog that would make it look interesting
• Select a layout and format that will make your blog post easy to read
• The font size of your main content body should be different from the headings and subheadings
• Do not forget to add bullets because they make the blog look interesting
• Your blog should be properly organized with introductions, main body and conclusion.


5-Understand your audience:

You have to understand your audience if you want them to read your blog posts regularly. Make your blog about your audience and not about you. Make them feel connected like you understand their problems and have a perfect solution for them.
Do not forget to proofread
Once you have completed your blog it is important that you proofread it. A common mistake that most of the bloggers make is that they do not proofread the content they have written. As a result, there are several grammatical or type errors present. It has a negative impact on the audience because they do not like the content filled with errors.
So it is important that you remove all the mistakes from your blog. In the end, you can add some interesting photos that will help you to engage your audience and make them come back for more.

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